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Welsco's Pump Systems

  • Domestic water pumps
  • Irrigation pump systems
  • Submersible pumps
  • Agricultural water pumps
  • Residential pump solutions
  • Garden Irrigation Pumps
What type of water well pump do you need?

Welsco Drilling is proud to bring cutting-edge solutions to homes and fields with our specialized services in Borehole Pumps. As a leader in the pumping industry, we understand the critical role these systems play in daily life and agriculture. Welsco Drilling offers solutions for efficient water supply for domestic pump and agricultural irrigation needs.

Reliable Water Supply for Homes:
At Welsco, we recognize the importance of our pump installation services and pump maintenance services. Having a reliable water supply for domestic needs is priceless! Our residential pumps are designed to provide consistent and efficient water delivery to homes, ensuring a steady flow for various purposes, from household chores to personal use.

Tailored Solutions for Agriculture:
Welsco's Irrigation Pumps are tailored to meet the specific demands of agriculture. Whether it's crop irrigation or maintaining optimal soil moisture, our electric pumps for water wells are designed to provide the necessary water resources for successful and sustainable farming practices.

Customized Pump Systems:
Recognizing that every application is unique, Welsco offers customized electrically powered well pumps. Our team conducts thorough assessments to understand the specific requirements of each project, ensuring that our ESP applications are tailored to deliver optimal performance.

Harvesting the Sun:
Welsco’s Solar supplied pumps illuminate a sustainable water future. As the world turns towards renewable energy, our solar-powered pumping solutions redefine water extraction, offering an eco-friendly and efficient alternative. Solar pumps are ideal for most remote locations and areas with limited access to traditional power sources, that is whey solar powered water extraction might could be the solution for your need.

Energy-Efficient Operation:
Welsco prioritizes energy efficiency in high-volume fluid lifting. Our submersible pump systems are designed to operate efficiently, minimizing energy consumption, and reducing the overall environmental impact. This commitment to sustainability benefits both our clients and the planet.

Responsive Maintenance and Support:
Submersible pump maintenance is key for pump optimization. Welsco stands behind the reliability of our pump systems. We offer responsive maintenance and support services to ensure that the electric pump for water wells operate at peak performance. Our team provides timely assistance while addressing any issues that may arise.

High-Volume fluid lifting or deep well pumping technology, the right type of pump will protect your investment.
Welsco’s has a team of professionals to remove or install large industrial pumps; industrial turbine pumps are unique and reliable for various conditions. Either line-shaft vertical turbine pumps or submersible VTP’s, Welsco’s specialized services harness the power of these systems to efficiently extract water from wells, providing a solution that combines cutting-edge technology with unmatched reliability.

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