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We’ve completed a number of projects over the past couple of years, including geothermal, well, and water projects for Surprise Valley Electric and Vail in Oregon, and the Nevada State Parks.

Geothermal Work
Oregon Institute of Technology. 280 KW Geothermal Power Plant

Oregon's First Geothermal Combined Heat and Power Plant.

Surprise Valley Hot springs in Cedarville California

This project was a 3500' geothermal exploration well for Surprise Valley Hot springs in Cedarville California.

Surprise Valley Electric in Paisley Oregon

Welsco Drilling signed with Surprise Valley Electric in 2013 to drill a production well that helped this Co-Op owned business rise into the 21st century of energy producers. Welsco Corp is one of the drilling companies promoting green energy in the western region.

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Vail, Oregon US Geothermal

The landscape in Malheur County Oregon has evolved. Within the Vales Butte geothermal resource area Welsco was one of the well service companies who took part of this great expansion project. Neal Hot Springs geothermal facility aids in the growth of the Pacific northwest energy market.

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Water Projects
Nevada State Parks

Lahontan Valley Recreational Area, Berlin Ichthyosaur State Park, and Rye Patch Recreational Area are a few locations that Welsco has provided water in the northern desert of Nevada.

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Lithium Projects
3PL Operating Inc.

Lithium Exploration Project. Discover the future of Lithium Exploration with our specialized services. Cutting-edge solutions for efficient lithium resource identification and evaluation.